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Mums: What Makes You Feel Like You?

We are huge fans of simplicity and a natural approach to life. We also believe mums are worth taking good care of. As busy mums in modern day society where there is so much going on and little space to fulfill our own needs, especially uninterrupted, it can be a challenge to even decipher what it is that we might need. 

Before becoming a parent it may have been easier to notice the simple things such as if you're hungry, need a rest, or remember when the last time you took a shower was, more so in those early days but not limited to. Not to mention how you may be feeling, or if your body is relaxed or tense, and what impact that might be having on your life. 

Even the notion you still have needs as a parent can be unfamiliar to some. This is so much more common than I realised before having children.

All of this being said, it's no secret things can be even more challenging in the current times we find ourselves living in. Being a person alive during such times is hard enough, but being a parent, or a new mother right now can feel very overwhelming. 

I know as a mother that I've had to actually put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and personally note down all the things I know help me feel like “me” again; add to my cup or simply aid in relaxing my nervous system. While keeping things simple and as time conscious as possible, while still making these things a priority.

Some of the most important things i have on that list are my basic skin care routine free of toxins and drying agents, drinking enough water each day, eating as close to nature as possible, trying to get as much sleep as possible and as little screen time as i can, plus pausing multiple times a day to feel my body and notice my breath. 

The benefits of caring for yourself from the inside out are unwavering and very underrated. Making sure you are hydrated, nourished, well rested, and connected to yourself can make a world of difference. 

They don't say the phrase “put your own oxygen mask on first” for nothing. But how do we learn to do this in a world where we often put our own needs last? Where we often live more in survival mode than we do in calm connectedness?

My advice, and this is from a recovering “people pleaser” turned mama, is to start small.

The key is in the little moments and details we often don't notice. Making one small change to your daily routine each week is much more possible than trying to completely change how you do things all of a sudden. There is so much change in life already that it's normal to hold on to any routines and certainty we are used to, that's why baby steps are key. 

Believing you are worthy of taking care of may be much easier for some, and not for others.

The first step is to realise you could be taking better care of you, which I believe we all can improve on. Only you know whether you need to commit to drinking more water, spending less time on social media, eating more regular meals, checking in with your body and breathing a little more; or taking a 5-10 min break to nourish yourself from the outside with a facial, or a nice lavender oil bath. Infact, you probably say what you need to do more or less on a daily basis, yet you may not act upon it. I know I'm guilty of this. Especially if I set myself a task that is a bti unrealistic.

Motherhood with the added current global events can very easily distract us from ourselves. This week I have been increasing my focus on remembering what it was that I liked to do, think and talk about before becoming a mother during a global pandemic. It actually took awhile for me to come up with any real answers to be honest. There is so much we can’t control out there, and so much we must hold ourselves together for in our homes. Creating and holding a safe and calm environment for our young ones right now is so very important, naturally, and we can't do that if we aren't taking care of ourselves. 

So, my question to you is, what makes you feel like you?

What do you enjoy doing and talking about, what lights you up? What things help you feel more relaxed, and more healthy from the inside out? What could you add to your daily routine this week that will add to your life? 

Let's set ourselves a little achievable goal. If you are a list writer, like myself, write a list and pick one thing as an intention for the next week. If you struggle to remember things (que mum brain) pop it in your diary, stick it on the fridge, make it visible and unavoidable. It could be as simple as taking 3 deep breaths before you get out of bed, drinking an extra glass of water or instead of being on your phone you might choose to spend a few minutes taking care of your beautiful face each night. You deserve it. Your body will thank you, your family will thank you, and you'll notice the difference with each little step you take towards taking better care of you. 

Our bodies are always communicating with us, we just need to pay more attention.

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