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Simplify Your Skin Care Routine With The Skinimalism Trend

Skin and minimalism are two things that we believe (should) go hand in hand when it comes to your skin care routine. The term ‘skinimalism’ (a play-off of skin &...

Skin and minimalism are two things that we believe (should) go hand in hand when it comes to your skin care routine. The term ‘skinimalism’ (a play-off of skin & minimalism), is becoming more and more popular - and for good reason! This trend is at the core of our skincare approach and we want to show you how to set your skin up for success while saving time and money.

As the name suggests, skinimalism is about cutting back your skincare routine and minimising the amount of products you use by sticking with the basics. Whether you have textured skin, freckles, blemishes or wrinkles - the core of skinimalism is about embracing and normalising all the different parts of our complexion. We believe the message behind this trend is beautiful (like you) and one that is very much needed right now.

Considering our society has become consumed with instagram filters and photoshopped images that seems to send us this message to "fix our flaws", we think that a trend that encourages self love and self acceptance is one that should stick around, for good!

Here are four reasons for why you may want to embrace this trend.

1. Superior for your skin

Using a lot of products by overloading your skin can routine be overwhelming, and can often cause more problems than what it’s worth. Everyone's skin is different, and with too many products in our routine, it can make it almost impossible to recognise which products are helping and which ones aren’t.

The saying "quality over quantity" has never been more true when it comes to skin care. When your skin is overwhelmed with too many products, it sends a signal to stop producing as many nutrients on it’s own, and pause the production of proteins, lipids, and water. If you can reduce the amount of products you use with the right products, your skin can begin to work with you instead of against.

2. Safer on the environment

Have you ever gone to declutter your beauty cupboard only to realise that most of the products have expired? Whoops! We’ve done that too!

A skinimalistic routine means less - less product, less packaging, and less waste. Buying a significantly reduced amount of products gives us a multitude of benefits and is more sustainable than overloading our shelves with jars, tubes, bottles and tubs that may not ever be used before their shelf life is up.

3. Saves you time

How often have you skipped your skin care routine before work in the morning or before bed at night simply because it takes too long? Now that you no longer have to do a 15-step-way-too-long skincare routine morning and night (that usually takes 15 minutes minimum), you’ll enjoy more time to sleep in, have that longer showe, or arrive 5 minutes early (or at least on time).

4. Saves you money

This one seems obvious, right? The less money you spend on multiple products, the more money you have in your bank account. Plus, an added bonus is the more you let your skin breathe and be-free, the less makeup you’ll probably feel you'll have to buy too.

We mean it when we say keep things simple and minimise the products being used, for maximum benefit to your skin. These are known as our Core 3; Rejuvenate, Replenish, Relieve.

Tip 1: Rejuvenate: with multi-purpose products

Cleansers that also moonlight as face masks save you time, money, and an extra step.

You can take a small 10 cent piece of our Hemp Clay Mask and lather onto your damp face and it will leave your skin feeling fresh, without over stripping the skin or using harsh drying cleansers. If this was at least the only thing you had time to do before bed to remove your makeup after a challenging day vs doing nothing. Your face will still feel hydrated.

Tip 2: Replenish: by hydrating

Apply moisturizer to your skin when it’s still wet from rinsing your face. This will lock in extra moisture rather than working on a surface level to make your face feel smooth. It’s all about protecting your skin's acid mantle. The acid mantle’s main job is to keep the good stuff (like moisture) in, and the bad stuff (like bacteria and pollution) out. Think of it as an essential shield—the invisible face mask you didn't know you were wearing.

Tip 3: Relieve: with an on-the-go beauty option

Being a mother of one child until my son was five years old, I learned how to leave the house with a perfect ‘au naturel’ look. But getting ready in the morning as a mum of 2 has required a less time-consuming version. All-in-one products are my go-to. This is why our Hemp Balm has a permanent home in my handbag and in the glove compartment. It’s all I need in one pot. Left the house without moisturising my face? Problem solved. Forgot my lip balm? No worries. It’s multi purpose even extends to a soothing massage balm. We’re not kidding, when we say this balm is for everything. Melts on contact with skin and absorbs for a smooth, supple, finish. Use anywhere on the face or body. No nasties, mess free, kid friendly application. Your little saviour in a pottle.

We think the best part about skinamilism is that mums can make it work for them and their lifestyle.

The bottom line: when you commit to a routine using a couple of solid products, that should be all your skin needs to be its best. Once you land on your set, the next time you find yourself adding a brand's buzzy new launch to your online shopping cart, pause for a second and consider whether it'll just end up as clutter on your shelfie - or your face.

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