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CBD Oil with THC for Pain: Neuropathy

CBD oil with THC for pain is commonly searched for online and what is important to understand is depending on the country you reside in and the laws surrounding cannabis...

CBD oil with THC for pain is commonly searched for online and what is important to understand is depending on the country you reside in and the laws surrounding cannabis oil, will depend on what is available for you to purchase over the counter or with a prescription.

In this article we’ll be covering CBD oil with THC for pain and how it specifically relates to pain conditions such as neuropathy.

What Is Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a condition caused by nerve damage that can occur in one or more parts of the body at a time.

Symptoms include pain, weakness, and numbness in the extremities, which can be debilitating and impede motor function, coordination, and balance.

Neuropathy most often develops in the hands and the feet, which are peripheral regions compared to other areas of the body. It is commonly caused by diabetes, but injuries, infections, and exposure to toxins are also contributors.

More than 3 million people are diagnosed with this condition each year and there is no known cure.

Current treatments include antidepressants, painkillers, anti seizure medication and pain-relieving topical applications. Most prescriptions come with a long list of side effects that vary from user to user. 

CBD oil with THC for pain could be one hemp product someone may try, but they need to check what the legal status is in their country, before they can purchase such a cannabis oil.

CBD oil with THC

CBD oil is abbreviated for “cannabidiol” and depending on the country in which you reside and the governing laws, will depend on the availability of such a cannabis product.

Cannabinoids such as CBD are found in abundance in the cannabis plant. So before we cover CBD oil with THC, we want to share the importance of understanding what you’re purchasing and the differences between CBD oil with THC and a product without THC.

Firstly, to be clear, currently New Zealand cannabis legislation allows people to buy CBD oil with a prescription only. This means no matter the product, CBD oil with THC or without THC, is heavily regulated and requires a medical professionals clearance before you can purchase such a product.

In many other countries around the world, cannabis products are available over the counter, such as Amsterdam and Canada, this includes CBD oil and other hemp products.

If CBD oil with THC for pain is what you want, then consider the following information to help you make an informed choice about what direction you wish to head down.

Disclaimer: before making any changes to your lifestyle or treatment plan, always consult with a licenced medical professional.

CBD oil with THC is typically produced from either the hemp or marijuana plant, which are both varieties of cannabis. In much the same way granny smith and macintosh are both varieties of apple, hemp and marijuana are both varieties of cannabis.

Growing hemp in NZ requires kiwi farmers to ensure tetrahydrocannabinol levels are below 0.3% whereas in the case of marijuana, levels typically exceed 10-15%. If you want to buy marijuana or cannabis products in New Zealand, you’ll need a prescription from your Doctor.

If you live in a country where you can buy CBD oil with THC, then you just need to find a reputable brand to purchase from. The ratio in these products is typically 1:1 CBD to THC. For those looking for a “high” they won’t find it in this blend of product, as CBD neutralizes the effects of THC including the side-effects like anxiety and paranoia.

Besides cannabis products such as CBD oil with THC, other options include full spectrum hemp oil, broad spectrum hemp oil, CBD oil isolate, hempseed oil and hemp balm, among many others.

Alternatives to CBD oil with THC as mentioned above can have less side effects and better outcomes if they have a very low amount of THC present. This is because THC does come with a list of side-effects, whereas cannabinoids like CBD have far fewer side effects, and a much higher upside.

That is why hemp oil with it's extremely low THC levels (less than 0.3%) is an ideal option for those wishing to lower the downsides.

All of these cannabinoid-rich products, like CBD oil with THC, work both directly with the body and through the body’s endocannabinoid system to bring about more order and balance in areas suffering from disorder and chaos (leading to pain conditions of the body).

The endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the grandmaster of all the other systems in the body. It is now considered to be the most important system of physiology in the human body.

This is because it is a homeostatic regulator of every system in the body it is responsible for (and that happens to be all of them). When the ECS shuts down, or becomes dormant due to an insufficient supply of cannabinoids, other systems of the body are put under enormous stress, and this is when disorder and dis-ease begin to wreak havoc on our bodies and in our lives.

The ECS helps with inflammation, mood, sleep, digestion, cognition, stress relief, anxiety, immunity, reproduction, the list goes on. Any part of the body touched by the ECS, which is just about every part, is brought relief and assistance.

Imagine having an older sibling always looking out for you in case you run into distress. They’ve been with you since the beginning and you two share a special bond. Then for whatever reason, they fall asleep, for a very long time, and the next time you run into trouble, you struggle to dig your way out. Your ECS is kinda like an older sibling, but...

The endocannabinoid system begins forming at 8-weeks gestation and is found inside mothers breast milk. It’s that important for human health. But unless we've been consuming cannabinoids, it's asleep.

So why haven’t you heard of it? Because it wasn’t discovered until the mid-1990’s and it takes a while for this kind of information to go mainstream and end up in our school textbooks. The next best thing is to research and learn about this system online through the thousands of peer-reviewed medical journals across the internet.

But if you aren’t that kinda nerd, and you want someone to do the research for you, you’re in the right place… Over on our blog, our chief editors and science officers spend their days scouring the data, information and latest research to bring you up to date, understandable, information in real-time to help you make informed decisions about the use of cannabis products such as hemp, with cannabinoids and how that relates to the endocannabinoid system.

Then we compile it all together and bring it to you in an easy to understand, digestible format that aids you in referencing the information in a relatable way, such as with a condition, disease, or ailment you or someone you know may be experiencing.

In saying that, let’s continue on with CBD oil with THC for pain specifically relating to neuropathy, as this condition is debilitating and very difficult to live with - if cannabinoids can help, we want to know about it. So here’s what the research tells us...

CBD Oil with THC for Neuropathy

One of the main causes of neuropathy is chronic inflammation, which can cause other health problems over time.

Whole plant works as a powerful anti-inflammatory throughout the body. The ECS receptor CB-2 is directly linked to the immune system and the peripheral nervous system.

The ECS utilizes whole plant extraction to regulate cytokines, proteins released by the immune system to resolve inflammation, and balance the body's response. By minimizing chronic inflammation, a major source of neuropathy is neutralized.

Cannabinoids also work on the same pathways that painkillers affect. ECS receptor CB-1 will provide quick and effective relief for pain when it is activated by cannabinoids.

There is also evidence that cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) are able to activate glycine receptors, which relieve peripheral pain. Specifically, cannabidiol is being studied for its antinociceptive behaviors.

Antinociceptive behavior is medically defined as "the action or process of blocking the detection of painful or injurious stimuli by sensory neurons."

Neuropathy can also cause sleep disturbances in those suffering from the condition. Cannabinoids and terpenes work directly through the ECS to help people fall asleep and obtain quality rest.

While the physical toll of neuropathy has been discussed, it can have an emotional effect on the sufferer as well. Living in a state of constant pain can cause depression and anxiety as people struggle to live their normal lives.

Neuropathy doesn’t present with visible symptoms, so others may not recognize the severity of pain its sufferers experience.

Cannabinoid-rich hemp oil also regulates mood through the ECS by working directly on serotonin and dopamine receptors. Balancing these neurotransmitters will alleviate the effects of anxiety and depression. 

With sedative-like qualities, CBD relieves stress in the user, promoting a sense of calmness and well-being. All of this is how CBD oil with THC for pain works in those who use it. People shouldn’t have to suffer in pain just because they haven’t found any other options.

There are options out there that work for many people, and there are options that don’t work. Pending your country of residence, we encourage you to explore your options.

CBD with THC or Hemp Conclusion

A Cochrane review from 2018 went on to mention, “cannabis has been used for millennia to reduce pain. Herbal cannabis is currently strongly promoted by some patients and their advocates to treat any type of chronic pain.”

They reviewed 16 studies involving 1750 participants and found that there are benefits to cannabis-based medicine in chronic neuropathic pain, but that patients must be assessed on a patient by patient basis.

In one study from 2019 on the College of Family Physicians Canada researchers found that cannabinoid treatment can be of assistance but should be a third or fourth line of treatment after other options have been explored.

A 2018 Cochrane analysis of ten randomized controlled trials (studies involving 1586 patients) found a 30% reduction in those experiencing chronic neuropathic pain with cannabinoid treatment.

Another study from 2019 and published in the Journal of Experimental NeuroTherapeutics had researchers stating that clinical studies largely affirm that neuropathic patients could benefit from cannabinoid treatment.

If you found this article of value check out our blog with the latest research surrounding all things hemp, cannabis and the endocannabinoid system before you start using CBD oil with THC for pain or other conditions so you can make the right decision for you.

Always speak with your Doctor prior to making any changes to your treatment plan.

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