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The Difference Between Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD

What are the benefits and drawbacks of hemp CBD and cannabis CBD? CBD is abbreviated short for Cannabidiol and is a compound found inside both the hemp and cannabis varieties...

What are the benefits and drawbacks of hemp CBD and cannabis CBD?

CBD is abbreviated short for Cannabidiol and is a compound found inside both the hemp and cannabis varieties of the Cannabis Sativa L species of plant.

Hemp and cannabis are one in the same, like Macintosh and Granny Smith apples. They taste different, smell different, and look different, but ultimately are the same thing.

Much like the other 120+ cannabinoids found inside the Cannabis Sativa L plant, CBD works with the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in the body, which allows it to provide advantages to multiple systems within the body. Whole plant provides the endocannabinoid system with enough cannabinoids to create balance in mood, sleep, pain, inflammation, and anxiety. It is also used to help reduce seizures and is a good alternative for children due to its low levels of THC.

Whole Plant Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD

Whole plant will contain both THC and CBD, however, if the THC content is higher than 0.3%, this means the product is illegal in some countries regulating hemp and cannabis with some kind of farm bill. In New Zealand, it is legal to grow and sell parts of the hemp plant as long as the THC content is lower than 0.3%.

The main differences between hemp CBD and cannabis CBD is in the THC content, or ratio, if you will. Industrial hemp derived CBD will contain virtually nil tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), whereas cannabis derived CBD oil will contain higher levels above the 3% mark in ratio's such as 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:10 and so on.

The terms "marijuana" and "cannabis" can be interchangable at times, with the main differences being that cannabis is the genus, and marijuana is a variety of cannabis.

This is due to the fact that THC has many medicinal effects on its own especially as a known analgesic (pain killer), however the side effects are often unwanted. Hence why some choose to use a product that contains both CBD and THC in varying ratio's. In some countries medical marijuana is legal, and this means you can potentially get prescribed ratio's of various CBD products.

The Difference Between Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD 1


So, while the cannabinoid “cannabidiol” (CBD) neutralizes most psychoactive effects (the “high”), THC can still create unwanted side-effects like anxiety in some people. This is why many governments are regulating the growing and selling of the cannabis sativa L plant.

What many whole plant users experience, are the reported enhanced benefits of the “entourage effect” where all of the 120 cannabinoids work together as a team to boost the effectiveness of one another, creating a far greater effect than if one were extracted and consumed on it’s own. This is kinda like baking a cake; you need all the ingredients to make it rise. Just like you need all the cannabinoids working together for the greatest benefit for your endocannabinoid system.

It's important to also understand that hemp seed oil is different to the aforementioned hemp products. The US food and drug administration has seemed hemp seeds appropriate for human consumption and these can be purchased from grocery stores, much like in countries like New Zealand. These are 100% legal.

In addition, whole plant also contains terpenes, which are naturally occurring aromatic compounds. Not only do terpenes give the hemp oil a distinct aroma and flavour, but they are advantageous in their own right. Many terpenes found inside the cannabis plant can also be found in many other plants commonly used in aromatherapy.

benefits and drawbacks to hemp cannabis cbd

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

Cannabinoids fuel a physiological system in the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS’s primary function is to create homeostasis, or internal balance, regardless of outside stimuli.

There are two receptor sites in the body, CB-1 and CB-2, which work with a variety of other systems. The ECS is responsible for regulating sleep, balanced mood, pain, inflammation, and the immune system. When one of these areas has a cannabinoid deficiency, disturbances in healthy patterns will occur.

Supplementing with cannabinoids through a whole plant hemp oil will provide the ECS with the compounds it needs to correct and maintain. As mentioned earlier, the endocannabinoid systemcontains two receptor sites, CB-1 and CB-2, and each receptor site is linked to various other systems within the body.

Receptor sites are kinda like a lock and key. Where there are receptor sites (locks) on the body, there are compounds (keys) that unlock those sites, opening up and activating signalling systems in the body that promote balance, health and wellbeing.

  • CB-1 primarily expresses in the brain (the central nervous system), but it also affects the liver, lungs, reproductive organs, and kidneys. CB-1 plays major functions in cognition, motor regulation, appetite, pain management, mood, and sleep.
  • CB-2 is mainly expressed in the immune system and related functions. CB-2 is integral in reducing inflammation, which in turn prevents damage to tissue and provides pain relief.

One of the 120 cannabinoids, cannabidiol interacts with both receptor sites, compared to most of the other cannabinoids that only affect one. This means of all 120 cannabinoids, they all interact with either the CB-1 or CB-2 receptor sites, and this is why a full spectrum whole plant hemp oil is best – because it gives your ECS a full range of cannabinoids for greatest activation to this powerful balancing system of the body.

cbd cannabis and hemp

To learn more about the Endocannabinoid System you can view our post on it here. We hope this article has provided you with a well-rounded piece on the benefits and drawbacks of Hemp CBD and Cannabis CBD.

If you’re wanting to activate your ECS by supplying your body with whole plant cannabinoids, you learn more about full spectrum hemp oils on our blog.

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