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Hemp Terpenes Explained: Benefits of Limonene

As shared in our previous post, terpenes are kinda like food flavouring and occur naturally in all plants. They give many plants, including the cannabis plant, their flavour and aroma....

As shared in our previous post, terpenes are kinda like food flavouring and occur naturally in all plants. They give many plants, including the cannabis plant, their flavour and aroma. Dr. Russo, a leading cannabinoid researcher, discovered that terpenes “could produce synergy with respect to treatment of pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, addiction, epilepsy, cancer, fungal and bacterial infections.”

In this article we’ll cover the research and results on the terpene Limonene and why you need it in your hemp oil.

What Is Limonene

This terpene is found mostly in citrus and conifers. It has been researched for its energy-enhancing effects and its ability to provide relief for symptoms of depression. Some conifer sources of limonene are juniper and pine needles, whereas citrus sources come from limes, oranges and lemons. Limonene is also found in fragrant herbs, like dill, rosemary and caraway. Limonene has multiple uses, such as in aromatherapy. It can be used in rubs and creams because of its ability to penetrate the skin layer, and it can also be safely ingested.

What Can Limonene Help With

benefits of limonene

Research has revealed limonene can assist with a range of health issues, including preventing and killing cancer alongside elevating the immune system. Because of its strong antioxidant activity, limonene is a powerful ally in your bodies defence against free radical damage.

Limonene research shows its ability to activate antibodies and immune cells. As well as protect the eyes through its specific antioxidant activity and ability to neutralize damage from hydrogen peroxide, a natural by-product of human metabolism.

Besides from its powerful ability to fight free radical damage and assist with the prevention of early eye degeneration, limonene is a powerful anti-inflammatory, shown to create a reduction in swelling and pain. Reducing swelling has been well researched and documented in the respiratory system, leading to an improvement in airflow to the lungs. This could be an excellent application for athletes looking to improve their VO2 max and performance.

Limonene has also shown an ability to assist in the reduction of pain in women who are in active labor, as well as reducing the nausea and vomiting often experienced during labor. We recently ran an article on hemp oil benefits for women which you can read here.

The Benefits of Limonene

Research completed with patients suffering from intestinal inflammation who used limonene found a dramatic reduction in their symptoms of inflammation and alleviated constipation resulting in improved regularity in bowel movements. Other benefits to the digestive and gastric system include the reduction or elimination of heartburn.

Another benefit of this terpene is the improvement of metabolic symptoms. Blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar decreased while antioxidants in the body increased with the use of limonene.

Limonene Research

In a study published by the European Journal of Nutrition, LDL cholesterol levels also decreased, and HDL levels increased in conjunction with the use of limonene. LDL is considered the “bad” cholesterol, while the HDL is considered “good.”

Limonene also aids in the reduction of appetite and improves the breakdown of fat cells. The calming effects of limonene work directly with cannabinoids in order to promote further relaxation, reduce anxiety, and lift depression.

what is limonene

Limonene is active in its effects through the serotonin system in the brain to create anti-anxiety affects. Its antibacterial properties boost cannabinoids existing antibiotic functions, aiding in the healing of wound infections and acne. With the combined effects of cannabinoids and limonene, many people find relief from environmental stressors. In other words, cannabinoids and terpene work together to provide health benefits and improve the overall well-being of the person.

This is why it’s important to utilize a whole food full spectrum hemp oil to maximise the benefits of terpenes like limonene and the range of cannabinoids present inside such a product.

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