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Discover the most transformative 30 day Elimination Diet and Hemp supplement protocol that transformed my health from auto-immune to completely symptom free in 90days
This Reset is For You if:
  • You are frustrated by the level of health you currently have, despite the effort you are putting in
  • Supplements are not making a significant difference to your symptoms or your wellbeing
  • No matter what health professional you seek, it seems like a lot of output for very little gain
  • You know and believe you can have more energy, vitality and the body of your dreams
  • You’re seeking a solution to the ongoing and daily symptoms, without the need for long term use of medication or supplements
  • You want to say yes, and connect with those you love because you feel well physically and emotionally
Valued at $300
My name is Tarryn Thompson

I am a Coach and Health Educator helping people who have tried everything, be symptom free and get their life back.

Food isn’t medicine, the RIGHT food is medicine. 

 The symptoms you are experiencing, are in direct relationship to the health of your gut. What you put into your mouth is feeding the problem, or starving it.

It’s about whether the ratio of good and bad bacteria is in enough balance to break down and ferment the undigestible portion of your food, Fibre.

It’s NOT about whether whole foods are healthy or unhealthy. It’s about whether your digestive system can tolerate those foods, or whether they are harming it.

I went from leaky gut, chronic inflammation, chronic candida infections, Irritable bowel, not being able to recover from exercise, to being symptom free and trying for our 3rd child in 90 days, by following an elimination diet and using Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.

After 90 days I had shifted my health entirely and require no supplementation.

In my Get Kure’d 30 Day Reset, I’ll walk you through transforming your health from the inside out so you feel incredible, have zero symptoms and thrive:

My everyday was a struggle.. a roller coaster of emotions.. and physical health that was taking it’s toll on my family by the day.

Within a few short months, I changed everything by embracing a diet that was so out of the ordinary, so against the grain that my own naturopath recommended I go back to her protocol immediately.

Back to the protocol that was costing me $700 per month in supplements. The protocol that after 4 weeks made not one ounce of a difference with the chronic thrush that was waking me every night and plaguing me throughout the day.

The protocol that had made a small difference in my energy, but would take me 6 months to start seeing an improvement in anxiety, despite the fact that I was eating a diet so healthy, so clean even she couldn’t deny it.

I was an anomaly. I couldn’t live like this any longer, not one more day.

So I changed everything. I decided the next 30 days could change my life, and if I was wrong, I surely couldn’t do irreparable damage and would bow out gracefully and make my way back to my naturopath.

For the next 30 days I followed a strict elimination diet, trusted my gut and the results of those who had walked this path before me,
and made sure everything I put it my mouth, was starving the overgrowth of bad bacteria to death, so that good bacteria could thrive. So that my leaky gut could heal. So that I could have my life back.





The result is… I now enjoy a body that is healthy, full of vitality, cellulite free and I am thriving
I maintain my weight effortlessly, I eat till I’m full every meal, I’m never bloated and I go to the toilet with ease.
In my Get Kure’d 30Day Reset, I show you how to get symptom free and live your life in the fullest of health.






 Get Kure’d is designed for the person who desires more, and requires more. 

  • It will demonstrate how to transition from wherever you are now, to the level of health of your wildest dreams, without starving yourself or spending a fortune on supplements.
  • You’ll discover how to eat for your level health whether it’s a complete or partial elimination, while feeling satisfied, healthy and decreasing in the amount and the intensity of symptoms every week.
  • You’ll learn how to re-introduce foods back into your diet upon healing
This is for you if you are ready to get the body you what you want and live life to the fullest

Let’s take your health to the next level!

When you take control of your health and eat foods that serve your body, you have less pain, need less medication, less supplements, even less Hemp - If anything at all to feel really healthy and Thrive.

This is something you’ll master in Get Kure’d 30 Day Reset.

Investment: $300



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