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Farming Hemp in NZ is the Future

Farming hemp in NZ has so many applications to transform the health of our country, not just from improving our physical, mental and emotional health, but also as a catalyst...

Farming hemp in NZ has so many applications to transform the health of our country, not just from improving our physical, mental and emotional health, but also as a catalyst for transforming our economic and community health.

If you enjoy this post, be sure to read our previous article which is part 1 of this 2 part series called The Benefits to Growing Hemp in NZ.

The future of farming hemp

The awareness and application of CBD-rich hemp products containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids, fatty acids, terpenes and other plant compounds has been growing exponentially in recent years. Multiple fields and industries, including the medical, scientific, and cosmetic industries, have initiated research and the use of hemp products.

The hemp industry is continuing to develop and expand with farming hemp in NZ showing no signs of slowing down. The possibility of future integrations into medical treatment options, governmental involvement in the industry, and financial expansion are all areas of interest.

Farming Hemp Politics

GW Pharmaceuticals has been running clinical testing on a medication called Epidiolex, which is CBD based and used to treat seizures. To sell the product in the United States, the medication must be approved by the FDA. GW Pharmaceuticals won that approval in 2018 and has been shipping their CBD product to New Zealand under medical licence.

What could this FDA approval mean? Supporters believe this would mark a shift in using safer medications with lesser risk of adverse side effects than currently available options. Opponents believe only giving approval to Big Pharma would choke out the independent market, as they believe the FDA favors Big Pharma.

In New Zealand the MOH has set up the Medicinal Cannabis Agency dedicated to managing and regulating medical grade medicinal cannabinoid products including CBD oil and medicinal marijuana. Currently, CBD oil and medical marijuana are available to purchase with a prescription only.

In September 2020, New Zealand will be holding an official Cannabis Referendum on whether to legalize marijuana for sale over the counter in a similar way to which alcohol is purchased.

Growing hemp in NZ requires kiwi farmers to keep the THC level of their hemp crop to below the 0.3% threshold that is set out in the legislation.

On the other side of the coin, insurance companies have begun debates on whether to cover CBD oil and medical marijuana products. This could regulate the market to higher-quality products, weeding out the “bad apples.”

It is uncertain if the costs would be higher than users currently pay now. It is also unknown if insurance would only cover products produced by drug makers or if smaller companies would be considered.

Financial Boost to Farming Hemp in NZ

growing hemp in nelson

The hemp industry is experiencing a renaissance in New Zealand with farming hemp in NZ becoming a popular option for kiwi farmers. Traditionally, industrial hemp is used to make many products such as paper, fabrics and textiles, rope, and building materials. Now more refined hemp products are being used in the production of health products, including CBD oil, full spectrum hemp oil and hemp balm.

According to the Hemp Business Journal, CBD product sales reached $190 million in 2017 in the USA alone. The Brightfield Group released a report that expects a 55 percent compound annual growth rate over the next five years, which would push CBD alone to the $1 billion revenue mark.

Farming hemp in NZ has seen exponential growth where in just the last three years alone, the number of farmers with a licence to grow hemp has doubled, with 252 licence holders around the country.

With this kind of expansion, the opportunity for revenue increases exponentially. New Zealand has become a consumerist nation, and the hemp industry could allow for us to shift toward becoming a production-based one. The production of hemp products, including CBD, could have profound potential in exportation. Hundreds of thousands of jobs can be created as this industry flourishes.

Farming Hemp for Medicine

farming hemp in new zealand

As already shown on our blog, cannabinoid-rich hemp products can be used to help people suffering with a wide range of ailments. From treating pain, inflammation, infections, sleep issues and mood disorders, this plant has myriad benefits. 

And as you’ve learned in previous articles, humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the use of full spectrum hemp oil and cannabis products. As all animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), pets are being treated for the same conditions as people are. As research continues, more uses for hemp are being discovered. Just read our article Hemp Oil for Pets covering all you need to know about how to support the health of your furry friends with this medicinal plant.

For a while, cannabinoid-rich products seemed to lose some steam as medical marijuana entered the scene. This could be attributed to people seeking the psychoactive effects found in THC-rich products. However, there has been a resurgence of interest in CBD, CBG and the other 120+ cannabinoids found in the hemp plant as people seek relief without impairment.

This is another reason farming hemp in nz makes such good sense. Education and information relating to the medicinal effects of cannabinoids found in hemp is growing with no sign of slowing down.

Cannabinoid-rich hemp products have been instrumental in helping children with seizure disorders regain some normalcy in their lives. Professionals can benefit from THC-free products without impeding their work. Full spectrum hemp oil products with trace amounts of THC have been known to help people with severe anxiety or PTSD.

Hemp’s Healing Powers

farming hemp in nelson

Our hope is that our blog articles truly capture the value and importance of hemp’s multitude of uses. There are so many health concerns that this plant can help support. Rich in cannabinoid and terpene compounds, every element of hemp can work together or independently to promote healing.

Hemp has been historically recognized for thousands of years across cultures for nutritional, medicinal, and material purposes. As we’ve explored on our blog, the body’s natural endocannabinoid system utilizes the compounds found in hemp to fill in deficiencies that throw the body off balance.

Cannabinoids like CBD work with the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors in this physiological system to create homeostasis, or internal balance. The adaptability of cannabinoids are incredible as they interact throughout the body to promote proper functioning.

A properly fueled ECS can balance mood, sleep patterns, pain responses, and inflammation and immune system functions. Based on mounting research and case studies, it appears that a hemp product utilizing a full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavanoids, terpenes and fatty acids is beneficial to every system, organ, cell, and tissue in the body.

The relationship between the ECS and cannabinoids is a seamless one. Scientific and medical research is confirming the power of hemp and promoting validity of its usage in the hard sciences.

Hemp Farming Growth

Today the hemp industry is expanding rapidly beyond natural medicine as more and more uses for the plant are discovered. Not only is hemp amazing in the body, it can help protect the Earth. Hemp based building materials, fabrics, plastics, and papers are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional materials. Hemp can repair damage to the environment by cleaning the soil and water while removing excess CO2.

The beauty industry is incorporating hemp into creams, makeup, balms, lotions, hair products and spa treatments. The food and beverage industries are making hemp infused consumables due to the nutritional value.

The future looks bright for the hemp industry and farming hemp in NZ. As it continues to grow, local revenue and jobs increase correlation. Hemp offers a major opportunity to increase production and exportation. With continuing interest and research on everything hemp is capable of, the industry’s growth shows no signs of slowing down.

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out The Benefits to Growing Hemp in NZ which is the previous article to this 2 part series.

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