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Is Hemp a Superfood? Secrets of Hemp

Is hemp a superfood? Well, hemp sits on top of a nutrient rich category of foods called Superfoods. These foods have substantial health benefits. The cannabis sativa plant is a...

Is hemp a superfood? Well, hemp sits on top of a nutrient rich category of foods called Superfoods. These foods have substantial health benefits. The cannabis sativa plant is a complete source of protein, hemp hearts are high in the healthy fat’s omega 3, 6 and 9, and strong source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. There are many health benefits of hemp

Hemp hasn’t been as available as some of the other superfoods over the years, but the benefits of hemp are beginning to spread far and wide, and we’re just getting started. Hemp has over 50,000 different uses, from it’s health elevating effects to its industrial applications, nil THC content, and so today we’ll be covering some of the hemp-based foods and their ability to reduce cholesterol, assist in weight loss and aid in balancing and optimising our health.+

Hemp seed protein – what is hemp powder good for?

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Protein itself is an important part of our diets because it aids in the repair and rebuilding of all tissue in the body. Both the hemp seeds and hemp powders that are available have become an excellent source of protein. So, what is hemp protein powder good for? You’ll find that hemp seed is about 20-25% protein, and contains all the essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscle and organ tissue and repair.

Hemp also contains two semi-essential amino acids. Hemp seed protein is a complete protein due to this reason, and is also easily-digestible due to it’s major protein, edestin, which is almost identical in structure to the proteins produced in the human body. Hemp also contains albumin, which is the protein found in egg whites. In comparison, hemp contains more protein than flaxseeds or chia seeds, making it the highest performing seed by far.

Are hemp seeds a superfood?

If we haven’t shared enough about hemp’s superfood abilities, then you’ll be pleased to discover that it is also an excellent source of fiber. Fiber balances the digestive system and microbiome living in and around our gut. Hemp contains 10-15% insoluble fiber, which is the type of fiber that moves through the body like a broomstick, cleaning off the cobwebs and dust that doesn’t need to be there, making it a fantastic toxin remover.

If your digestive system is unbalanced, you can experience diarrhea or constipation, neither of which are fun, and prolonged waste retention in the body leading to pain and bloating. Consuming plenty of fiber from hemp can greatly assist in balancing your digestive system and promoting satiety which can aid with weight loss.

Does hemp have healing properties?

Hemp oil also contains about 30% healthy essential fatty acids that are critical for brain health, organ elasticity, hormone and mood balance. Our body already produces most of the fatty acids the brain needs, but some of them are only available from our diet. Hemp provides a rich source of omega 3, 6 and 9 which are crucial to the development of the brain in children and to maintaining memory and focus in adults.

Research shows depression can be dramatically reduced in people consuming a diet high in healthy fats such as omega 3, 6 and 9. Hemp also supports a healthy, strong immune system by providing linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid. Hemp can also help balance blood sugar with its high omega fatty acids. So, does hemp have healing properties? Yes, we believe so.

Is hemp good for weight loss?

what is hemp superfood powder good for

Hemp is rich in cannabinoids, vitamin E as well as important minerals including phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, and zinc. Eating hemp-based food is a great way to get a range of key nutrients into the body through a single food source. Here are some of the benefits of the nutrients found inside hemp:

  • Cannabinoids activate the human endocannabinoid system responsible for bringing order and balance to all other systems of the body – this is one of the most misunderstood, yet most important areas to supporting human health most people don’t know about.
  • Vitamin E helps build a strong immune system while promoting healthy skin and eyes.
  • Phosphorus helps the body make proteins, helps the body utilize fat and carbohydrates, and aids in the growth of bones and teeth.
  • Potassium regulates fluid balance, nerve signals, and the growth of muscle.
  • Sodium helps the gut absorb nutrients, improves cognitive function, and regulates muscle contractions.
  • Magnesium is necessary for more than 300 biochemical functions in the body, including maintaining regular heartbeat and blood glucose levels.
  • Sulfur is a key component in most types of proteins.
  • Calcium helps keep bones strong.
  • Iron is necessary for hemoglobin to carry oxygen from the lungs throughout the body.
  • Zinc supports the immune system and healing of wounds and is needed for the senses of taste and smell.

Types of Hemp Superfood Products

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There are many types of hemp superfood products from oils, powders and whole seeds. Since hemp has been recognized at the top of an elite group of superfoods, there have been a fast expansion of food and beverage products created from hemp seeds, oils, flour and extractions.

Hemp drinks come in the form of milk, coffee, tea, vodka, beer and flavoured waters. Hemp has been popular among vegetarians and vegans not only for its complete plant based protein and high fatty acid content, but also because for the great range of meat substitute products now available on the market.

Ground hemp seed flour and hemp granola can be used in place of wheat products and grains in many recipes, and hemp seed butter is a great choice for anyone who has nut allergies.

How to Select Hemp Superfoods

When figuring out how to select hemp superfoods, especially with oils and protein powders, be sure to look for cold-pressed, unrefined options. Research shows that heat exposure can reduce the digestibility of hemp. Unrefined cold-pressed hemp preserves all of the nutrients found in the seed, maintaining all of the incredible health benefits that hemp has to offer.

Is Hemp a Superfood? What do you think?

If you’re wanting to experience the superfood hemp for yourself, then we encourage you to try our unique proprietary blend of hemp oil full of naturally occuring plant compounds, fatty acids and antioxidants to balance your endocannabinoid system and elevate your health.

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