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Kure Plus

Bring relief to menopause symptoms by supporting your body's endocannabinoid system with hemp.

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bring balance

Hempseed Oil & Maca

Bring further balance to your moods and hormones with activated maca ethically sourced from Peru.

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What Others Are Saying

"I ran out of my hempseed oil and maca and forgot to reorder. I felt so awful, my menopause symptoms came flooding back, cold chills and burning hands not to mention my low moods and energy. I just started taking them again, unfortunately they took a bit of time getting to me but within a day I am starting to feel much better. I will definitely be reordering a little earlier next time." - Vanessa C.

"I have been on Kure products for three months now. In this time I have noticed a decrease in my stress levels and an increase in my energy during day to day functions of work, family and more. With menopause I have struggled immensely, but Kure products have changed all that for me. It has aided with my moods and stabilised my anxiety." - Diane R.

"My husband got this for me from the Christchurch A&P show to try for ache and pains in legs and menopause mood swings. I did not realise how much they gradually subsided until supply ran low, and I reduced what I was taking. Now I will be a stocking up more frequently. The face serum and mask are lovely as well. Also great customer service." - Brenda R.

"Menopause hot flushes can be really challenging, and the gloomy-moods are more so. Taking this hemp oil has really smoothed out the rollercoaster. I love that it's NZ-grown hemp and organic too." - Alison B.

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