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Hemp has the power to transform your discomfort and bring relief with its powerful plant-based botanicals and nutrients. This is why our products are powered by 100% kiwi-grown Hemp.

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"I love the balm as I use it on my face at night and it feels so good. I also use it on my arthritic finger as it takes away the pain very quickly. I also like the relief drops as it helps relieve all my aches and pains. Maybe it’s because I’m old but I really love these products." - Val H.

"I have been taking the drops twice a day for a few years now. I have found that they help my hands and feet which get quite painful at times. If I forget to take them either my hands or feet let me know, so I always make sure I have another bottle on hand before I run out. They work very quickly" - Joyce M.

"I would not be able to have a normal day of activities without it. The pain would be so debilitating. This is healthy natural stuff." - Lesley M.

"I have been taking this product for my osteoarthritis. Within about a week I stopped taking all medical anti-inflammatories. I'm expected to have a knee replacement very shortly. I do not need any other pain relief and have to say that these drops have been brilliant. I recommend it to anyone needing pain relief." - Alison D.